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Dr. Mayzik
Screening for skin cancer is an important part of prevention and early detection. Skin cancer that is detected early has a much greater chance of being treated successfully. Dr. Patel, what else can you tell us about skin cancer screening?

Dr. Patel
Well, Dr. Mayzik, there are two aspects to screening: skin self-examination and screening tests. Skin self-examination, or SSE, is a personal screening process that can alert you to changes in your skin.

Conducting a careful, deliberate, and purposeful visual examination of your skin may help with early detection of skin cancer.

Performing an SSE once a month is ideal, but ask your provider if you need more frequent checks. Screening tests can detect skin cancer in individuals who don’t exhibit signs or symptoms of the condition. People with a higher risk of skin cancer should be screened regularly, for instance those with fair skin or with a family history of melanoma.