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Body Changes


Most cancer treatments will cause changes to your body, and it is natural for a patient to experience a sense of grief. This is normal, and it is healthy to grieve. At the same time, it’s important to remember that your experience with cancer can make you stronger. The new perspective often comes with increased wisdom and understanding. It’s unlikely you will always feel positive, but you can try to address challenges with a positive attitude.

For example, if your skin has changed due to radiation treatments, ask your provider about skin care products. You may also find it helpful to talk with other patients who may have experienced the same issues.

Often adjusting to reconstructive surgery or a prosthesis, also called a breast form, can be difficult. Remember that you are still the same person that you were before your cancer, and any outward scars do not change who you are.

Another way to stay positive and address changes in your appearance is to look for new ways to enhance your appearance. Treat yourself to a new haircut or color, try some new makeup techniques, or shop for some new clothes.

Seeking support from a breast cancer support group can make a huge difference in your attitude about your body and your appearance. You are not alone, and talking to others who have had similar experiences can be very comforting.