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Real Patient - Cervical Dysplasia


Real Patient
Yes, I met my husband while I was living in Germany and he was actually stationed there, or deployed there, in the south of Germany. So, first I saw Dr. Torres because I was sent to her. I had a regular Pap smear, like the one-year follow-up Pap smear. And it came back unregularly. So there were some cells that got, that were a little off. And so she had to take a closer look at that.

So, I saw Dr. Torres, and she said we need to enlarge the picture of your cervix and look at the tissue. If the tissue changed the color, that’s always a good indication. But also she wanted to be sure that it’s not cancer or, you know, to have verification. So, she went into the cervix, actually, and with a needle and got a little bit of tissue out to send it in and then they can really see if it’s cancer cells or which stage of cancer it would be.

So when we figure out it’s one stage before cancer she said we have to get all the cells out. We have to cut a little deeper. And she, she did such a great job because she really wanted to be sure it’s gone. She doesn’t, she didn’t want to go in there again, so I think she cut off like one centimeter of the cervix entrance to get it all done and then also the inside wall, completely gone. So, she said I must have gotten everything. It’s out, it must be out. So with the follow-up test, it all came back great. No traits of any, any cells that were unusual. So, it’s all gotten.

Normally they do this in their office, but thank goodness my insurance covered the whole surgery. Like, they really had me under. And I’m really happy about that because the first time I had some pain. So I was little worried. Just talking about it made me kind of faint. So I was lucky enough that I could do this really while I was under. And I woke up and everything was just fine. I was able to work next day. So, I even had an appointment I think in the afternoon after the procedure was done in hospital. So, because you really, there was nothing, there’s no pain, no big bleeding. Just a tiny bit maybe. But no, you were, you were good to go afterwards.

So in Germany I know, I am coming from Germany, so I know we are faster with probably doing a hysterectomy right away. Especially if you are not in a, an age where you really, you’re done with children or you don’t want to have children. Then they say let’s take it out to, you know, avoid any future complications. But I like the steps and the push for this way better.

I’m serious, yeah, I think positive outlook goes a long way in life like altogether. It’s just, it also draws all the positive, all the positivity and good vibes into your life. I’m trusting doctors. They do magic these days. And the technique is so, it’s so much advanced these days. So, you’re in good hands. I would really say you’re in good hands. I definitely will go back every year to get my Pap smears done. Now I see how important it really is. So it’s important that every woman should do this.