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Real Patient - Imperforate Hymen


Real Patient
I had some symptoms, mainly just pain. When I, like if I tried to insert a tampon, for example, it was unimaginable pain. A lot of pressure. My periods were, you know, they were, they weren’t heavy but they weren’t light either because that hymen was basically keeping all the blood in there.

I had an appointment here at the hospital with my PCM and she originally tried to give me a Pap smear and she was unable to do so because there was, it was just nothing but pressure and because of that pressure my legs will automatically lock up making it even harder. So, what happens was she sent me up to women’s health and I saw a gynecologist who also attempted to perform a Pap smear on me.

One day, I almost fell out at work because all of the sudden, I started losing so much blood. I was on my period, but I was losing more blood than what I needed to. So I had to be rushed to the ER where it was traumatizing for me because they also attempted to do a Pap smear. But they couldn’t because I was on my period. So I was already in pain and then on top of the fact that I still had that intact hymen, I was in a lot of more pain.

I went out to the car and I cried. You know, I couldn’t get a hold of my husband. I couldn’t get a hold of my family back home. I was only able to get a hold of his mother and she tried to help me as much as she could. But, it just, it just made everything harder.

My treatment options were to have surgery to remove the hymen. The surgery itself took about two hours. And the thing that I loved the most about it is while I was under and had my surgery they went ahead and did the Pap smear right along with it.

Our marital relations have improved greatly. I, we both feel that our relationship is getting stronger because of this. I just feel amazing at this point now. So, for me it’s very important, it’s very beneficial.

And I would recommend people just find what’s right for you. Because what’s necessarily was right for me may not work for everybody. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing to be scared of, this is your health on the line and you would want yourself to be in top shape. My husband could have very well said, you know, well I don’t want to do this anymore if you’re not willing to get checked out. Let’s just go ahead and separate. But, we stayed together. We fought through this. And he’s helped me a lot. I owe a lot of credit to him.

Yes, I absolutely want kids. If it was up to me, I’d probably have well over 10. But, me and my husband, we would like to have three. But we would like to take some time and travel the world together before we sit down and start a family. But we have agreed in about three years is when we’ll start being ready.